Knitting With Suzanne Bryan at The Twisted Skein

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TKGA Certified Master Hand Knitter Suzanne Bryan brings her knitting expertise to The Twisted Skein in this four course series of classes. See why Suzanne’s knitting YouTube channel boasts hundreds of thousands of followers, check out the online tutorials and knit alongs she hosts on her Ravelry group and Facebook, and then take advantage of having such an expert teaching locally!

Knitting With Suzanne Bryan at The Twisted Skein Courses

Knitting Bootcamp I

This 10 week course is for those who have never knit, but always wanted to, or those who have tried to knit in the past but need more help and for those who have knit for years but want to refine their skills. This course is the foundation for the Knitting With Suzanne Bryan course track, and is required for progressing into the Accessories and Advanced Knitting series of classes.

Knitting Bootcamp II

Description: This 10 week course continues building on the skills learned in Knitting Bootcamp 1, with increasingly complex stitch patterns that you will soon be working with confidence.

Prerequisites: Knitting Bootcamp I


In this intermediate knitting course, Master Knitter Suzanne Bryan guides you through the steps to go beyond following patterns into the realm of design! Students will learn how choose whichever yarn they like, calculate their unique knitting gauge, and take accurate body measurements: the three keys to perfectly fitting socks, hats, and wrist warmers.Expand your knitting toolbox and learn to craft custom fit pieces, and never be disappointed by another ill-fitting accessory!

Prerequisites: Knitting Bootcamp I & II

Advanced Knitting

For students who have completed the three prerequisite courses, this level changes topics each session and focuses on sharpening skills and learning advanced knitting techniques through tutorials, one-on-one design help, and personalized knitting goals.

Prerequisites: Knitting Bootcamp I & II, and Accessories